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    A Bleat for help in LI construction

    Having abused the search function on both google and this site until my ears bleed I am finally putting a call out for a sanity check.

    My hunter is about to hit 75 and I have maxed out 10 LIs ready for deconstruction with the idea that I would create my own LIs at the milestone of 75 (taking the deconned legacies relics off each LI).

    I don't/can't raid (irregular working hours) very often but have found that in the past I could craft a fairly decent set of equipment (for solo/small group play).

    I seem to have hit a wall though - can't get any symbols to craft any second age LI past lvl 60 (which is fine, other posts seem to indicate this is a planned Turbine mechanic), then I read a post that mentioned getting a symbol as a "book quest reward". What does this mean and consequently is there hope for an anti-social old timer? (or is it the bin...)

    Obviously the points from a second ager would allow me to increase the value of the legacies but (and here is the blond moment) - how many legacies can you get on a LI anyway? I thought it was 6 but I seem to recall I have one with seven. You can't cap all the legacies even at tier 6 so does anyone know a LI point calculator for lvl 65+ (found one for 60&65) in order to work out what I can cap?

    I don't really want to waste a lot of effort on using all the deconned legacies, then increasing the tiers, grinding out high level relics and adding crystals; all the while knowing a higher level LI (and hence higher DPS) will drop soon after. I'd prefer to invest in a second ager that will take me all the way through to level 85 and take the hit on not updating my DPS til then (I value some of the legacies like timer reduction and healing more than straight DPS, although that's debateable)


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    A level 75 second age symbol is a reward at the end of the Great River epic line, and also for completing Draigoch. They are also pretty cheap at a skirmish camp for marks/medallions. 6 legacies per LI. 7 is you use a Crystal of Remembrance. There's an LI Planner plugin that lets you plan LIs. Depending on your legacies you might be able to max everything, but it's a good bet you can't.
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    Many thanks, succinct and helpful.

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    link to the LIP plugin Nakiami mentioned - http://www.lotrointerface.com/downlo...1.8+(U11).html

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    Another thing hidden in the LI-complexity i missed at start:

    As you know you can add a new legacy at level 10, 20 and 30. After this it's only about upgrading the tiers of the existing at 40, 50, 60 and 70. This means you should replace the ones you don't like between level 30-39.

    2 reasons:
    1. You could get lucky and get one you would have switched to at a higher tier than 2 while reforging.
    2. You could get 2 'bad ones' to choose between for a tier-upgrade at 40, 50, 60, 70 = One wasted tier-upgrade.

    This means you should never start with an IXP-Pill that imidiatly takes your LI to level 40 or above.

    Good luck with Majors and Legacies!

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