Hello there, Laurelin!

Now, I'm not too sure if this question has been asked already. I did lurk the forums, digging back through older threads to see if anything similar had popped up in the past but it seemed not; however, if I'm wrong, I sincerely apologize for resurfacing an old and overdone topic.

Just last night, I decided to remake my character, Velsirien, on Laurelin (I have this terrible need to remake her on like, several servers, though my main is on Landroval -.-) and give the server another try. She's a stubborn, and staunchly loyal little elf hailing from Mirkwood, that prefers the company of her own kind to that of other races. Due to such nature, I tend to search for all-Elven or Elf/Man kinships for her to participate in. I did see a kinship earlier that caught my attention, but somewhere down their thread they specified that if one plays a Noldo elf, or a Dunedain man, they may join, which got me wondering: are there other/are most Elven kinships Elf-race specific, and if so, would anyone happen to know of an Elven kinship that caters toward Elves of Silvan blood?

I'm still searching around for Elven kins on Laurelin, so far I've stumbled upon The Alliance of the West, and Warband of Imladris, which both sound utterly amazing.

Anyhoo, hopefully I've explained my question without it being too confusing. Lemme know if I need to reword anything, or if this question's been asked in the past already!

Happy RPing, everyone!