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    Autoflipping Keeps

    Ok, I have to ask what governs the autoflipping of the keeps in the Ettenmoors??

    On our server, the Creeps had Lugz, LC, Isen and ALL of the outposts. All we had was TA and TR, yet TR autoflips on us and turns red. Why??

    In all reality, the only two places that should autoflip are LC and the Isendeep mines. TR, TA and Lugz should never autoflip.

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    I agree..

    Another question is why are the creeps able to access the delving from Ost Ringdyr if the freeps cannot enter it from Dar Gazag?
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    Theres complex math formulae at work here in governing the auto flip of keeps.


    I have narrowed it down to moon cycles. Depending on the phase of the moon, this determines the frequency of the flips. Be thankful we don't live on Jupiter which has multiple moons.
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    The keeps will never autoflip if there is a player inside them, however, it is a dumb mechanic that should be removed.

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    At the least, it should not flip toward a map of greater dominance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squelcher View Post
    The keeps will never autoflip if there is a player inside them, however, it is a dumb mechanic that should be removed.
    flipping a keep with a group only for it to auto when you're 20 feet outside of it is ridiculous and irritating
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    I think it's determined by whichever direction the hampsters are running in the wheel that powers the servers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squelcher View Post
    ...it is a dumb mechanic that should be removed.
    Agreed. I saw Lumber flip to freep so I checked it out on my freep. It was an autoflip. Since Moors was dead, I decided to escort the hobbit. The keep autoflipped back to creep before I made it back. All this does is make people waste time to go check out the keep/op to realize no one is there. At least give us a different message if it is an auto flip.

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    The real question is why wasn't Tot at his post in TR.
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    If you ask me, the only thing that needs to happen with regards to auto-flipping is:

    1. The goal of auto-flipping should be to even out the amount of renown gaining buildings for each faction and to even out the number of buffing buildings per side....

    In other words, if the creeps own all the OPs and the Freeps own all the Keeps + Isen + LC then the freeps should loose either TR of Lugz and either Isen or LC while the creeps should loose half of the OPs that they have.

    In this way, the ultimate goal of auto-flipping will be to make the fight more even rather accidentally screwing over one side.
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