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    Loss of Positional Damage

    Somebody in my kin brought up that there is a good chance that Burglars are not receiving a positional damage buff, at least from auto attack on signature bulls outside of Forlaw. Full parses on the crit-defenseless training dummy in Snowbourn yielded similar results.
    Even if auto-attacks don't work with positional damage, most of the skills in a full parse should. It makes sense, then, that the parses would show a large difference, whereas they don't.
    Either training dummies don't receive positional damage, or Burglars aren't getting a damage buff for it, as far as I can tell. Can anybody confirm this?

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    The dummy turns to face you, yes?
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    Only for the first hit, if I remember right. After that, you just walk around it. I haven't tried it with somebody "tanking" it, though, to make sure.



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