I've decided it's time to go... no not on one of those 1 month disappearances... which have been happening rather often lately... but for good*. So... here goes...

First off to my Lotro husband, Xanaiax/Delques/Exoxus/all those other secret alts
By far I will miss you the most but no matter what, you'll always be my Lotro husband/secret online lover (don't tell Brandic) Stab those creeps good for me. I'll miss getting some of that positional damage for myself

Next: Rayzr/Scalpel/Silvermoon. You were my first friends on creepside and by far some of the funnest people to hang out with... my only regret is never solving the mystery of how you're all related. and one more thing... *cough*addmeonfacebook*cough*

To all my kinnies and Tribies in Death's Bane and Chaos: You really made playing this game tons of fun. even if I didn't know some of you very well and some may not really know at all, I'm going to miss all of you (but Xan most of all of course.)
In particular I'll miss those naked level 20 gb runs with Death's Bane and Lom's Ka-Pow. For chaos, I'll miss thunderboltz who made flayer cool. (I flayered before it was cool QQ but you did it far better than me) Veenom the Spiderwarg... well... because Veenom is awesome need I say more? and Shap. you are definitely one of the coolest creeps out there and a great leader.

Welthrop... I will miss saying in OOC "One does not simply gank Welthrop" you really changed the way I looked at hunters and probably plenty of others as well

Zubby... WHERE'S MY SI!!!!!!

Tanar, I've missed leeching half your renown when you're close to rank and will continue to

[insert anyone I missed here] <3

and last but not least: Gallanhael. I'm really going to miss your trolling btw, did you know if you pounce after crippling bite, it has a chance to stun? ;o


goodbye everyone.

*As with most people, there is still that chance someday I'll realize I can't leave this game and may reinstall.

P.S. for those who haven't added me on fb... a little bird told me something might happen if you type in my warg's name at the end of facebook.com ... no, not Notarat... the other one!

P.S.S. there were a lot of little smiley faces, but the forums told me I had too many and that it couldn't post...