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leaving the instance out *could* give the GM's possibility to get more presious bug reports. for example yours. I've never heard of it braking 6 times in a row. that really is special. I wouldn't be surprised if you did a detailed analysis in your bug report that QA person *might* notice a better patter than before.
this actually happened to me, lol. When my kinnies and I were fresh at 75, we ran the instance on a Saturday with another kin since each of our respective groups was too small, plus they wanted our tank since he always called the head right and we never had issues with anything if he was tanking - god bless him. Anyway, it was 4 times back to back with the same people before 3 got fed up and left. Then we tried again with two three others from glff and it bugged again 2 more times. Conversely, the next night we tried with original group and ran it once and it worked. So much for making sense out of any of it.

More recently, like less than a month ago, new kin, new server, kin leader gets a wild hair he wants to start running this instance... whole time I was thinking sure sure lets see if we can do it now really fast we are all 85. Bugged like a charm again, twice. We called it a night. Not sure what the solution to it is, but I do know that everything from Gondomon to Barrows Survival to Hellegrod to Flight to Forsaken Inn to... on and on... have all been bugged with issues and they have been taken outta comission to be fixed and re-released afterwards. Whatever "special problem" Draigoch is, I fail to see why it is unreasonable to expect them to just shut-her-down if they just cannot resolve the issue - if they don't have time or money to fix it now fine. But leaving it up is pretty absurd given the state its in.