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    Is it possible to macro 2 skills in one key?

    Hey all.
    I'd like to asign 2 skills on one key because I'm using it constantly to cut off the long animation(like with addle and flashing blades) so anyone knows if it's possible to do that? Like using 1 key and having it execute 2 skills in a row.

    I'd like to do this to simplify my rotation a bit.I ahve tried Autohotkey but I didn'y know how to use the scripts and the recording tool doesn't work(it brings up an error).I have tried to use other macroing software but to no avail.Has anyone managed to do something similar?Could anyone give me some tips on how to perform this?

    Thank you in advance

    P.S. I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post on,sorry.
    P.S.2 Searching on the forums didn't help me much.Pointing to some specific tutorial/software would help,I have tried various.

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    Im sure i have heard of plugin which handles this. Think it worked so that you keep pushing one button which will do something else after first click.
    I think it was about switching gears while in combat.
    I am switching LI's on my mini between the heal/dps/buff -variations of them, but have not felt need for any macros/plugins. Just have them in quickslots.

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    Their is a possibility which includes the keymap file.

    You can differentiate the key-press in two actions like press-down and release for example.
    With that knowledge you can bind one quickslot to key X press-down and another quickslot to key X release.

    I use that to switch my burglar tool before I heal.

    QUICKSLOT_52 [ User [ 0 DIK_G ] 0x00000000 Down ]
    QUICKSLOT_29 [ User [ 0 DIK_G ] 0x00000000 Up ]

    If you want to use this or need more information just tell me.
    And I'm sorry for my bad english.

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    You can by creative mapping of the keys using both up and down. The most popular way is the use of a keyboard that can send multiple key presses to your PC. You program a key like a function key to send something like "hello world" your pc. If you mapped those keys to different skills. you would tell the game software to do skill h, skill e, skill l, skiil l ...

    The biggest problem is getting the timing right. If your second skill is something that executes immediately like an interrupt. You do not have to worry about timing.
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    Cool Programming key sequences.

    The easiest way to have multiple actions on one key is to use a programmable keyboard like the Logitech G510 (18 programmable key with 3 banks of settings). I've put whole combat sequences with delays between actions on a programmable key.



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