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Thread: Time to go

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    Aug 2011

    Time to go

    Heya guys it's Jonp

    It looks like my time here is at an end. I leave for US Navy basic training tomorrow and I won't be back for a long time. I've had an amazing time on Dwarrow the past two years and made many good friends and good memories that I'll never forget. Welth, you've turned into one hell of a hunter, hope to see you on the top of the leaderboards when I get back. Mal, you're one of the funniest and nicest guys I've had the pleasure of meeting in this game and I hope I can talk to you again sometime. Justin, you're one cocky mother&&&&er but damn are you a good captain and still one of my closest friends in this game. Minie and Global, besides your P2W :P you're a pretty awesome guy and gal and you're damn good at your classes. Pat you're one crazy guy but one of the best damn hunters out there (pvp or pve) and still a damn good friend of mine. Everyone in Ceaseless was a blast to run with and I consider you all good friends. And idk if either of them will read this, but Evaseale and Elandur you guys have been some of my closest friends since I met you in TWD and I wish the best for you guys. Also thanks to Anessen, Evo, Tanar, Razz, Karoc, and everyone else who made the moors so fun when I was out there.

    I definitely am gonna miss a lot of people from Dwarrow, but honestly I'm glad I'm leaving for a while. This game has gotten to be enough for me with the way Turbine has been managing it and making it go south. Hopefully when I come back in HD things will be better. But regardless, it has been a pleasure playing and talking with you all these past two years and I hope to talk to you guys again.

    Until next time,
    [Jonp - Rank 11 Hunter] [Garaluk - Rank 9 Reaver]

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    &&& Jonp I'll be going to Navy basic soonish as well! You crazy cat.

    Have a good one, and maybe we'll see each other on the other side without knowing it

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    Houston, Texas
    Good luck man and stay safe.
    High Chieftain Kamikazee Rank 13 Reaver

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    Dec 2012
    Everyone leaving these days...have fun, whatever ya do
    Dwarrowdelf-Gothash-R9 Reaver
    @Celedreor-R5 Hunter
    'Naked dwarf on fire. That can't be good.'
    ~ Sapience

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    Not another one... You were one of my favorite freep munchies. Later Jonp! (: I wish you (and Zulu) well in your Navy adventures!

    Chieftain Rayzr of Dwarrowdelf (Reaver)
    Footman Sakeri of Dwarrowdelf (Captain)

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    Bye Jonp, take care.

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    mickey mouse land
    Hey man. I'm ex-Navy myself. Good luck in Great Mistakes. What is your MOS going to be. Try to avoid NWS-Charlestown, it is in the middle of a swamp. LOL. Good luck in the Navy.
    "Dwelling on the past only ensures that you will fall in the future."
    I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.

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    Jonp, u were like my bro, my pal, my pillow buddy (no jk that's h0m0). im gunna miss u. from u raging in vent to getting farmed by freevers in 1v1's...those were good times. take care man good luck in the navy

    ~Brom<insert name that involves calling me a failure even tho I farm u all. im the best cappy on the server. no qq>
    haters gunna hate
    Bromton [Rank 10 Captain] | Notbromton [Rank 7 Freever] | Starscreem [Rank 8 WL]

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    good luck jonp
    Shapcidrat SoM-RoR

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    CT, USA
    Wow, it feels like I've known you for ages Jon. We were so close but it seems you have may forgotten .. Ah well, you might not ever get a chance to read this but I will say that it has been a fun experience playing with you. You're a genuinely nice guy and its sad seeing you go. If you get a change, message me on Facebook, I will read and respond.
    Though Zeva probably won't see this thread I'm sure she'd have similar words to say to you:

    My prayers are with you Jon, stay safe.

    First Marshal Aenise - Level 115 Burglar
    Member of Situational Awareness http://situational-awareness.net/
    Check out my PvMP videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZV...fuVom6u7V9nDtw

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    New Zealand
    Wow.. Looks like all of us are gone

    Kinda sad cause I had at first envisioned us all taking a break for the summer, then getting back together in lotro this fall.... Now it seems that life just doesn't always work that way. :/

    Take care Jonp! Will never forget ya bro, and you're in our prayers as you join the military. Be safe out there!

    {Evogrin R11 warden} {Evogash R9 warg} +wayy too many others R6-8! Though I do not play lotro anymore, thank you to everyone who made this game so much fun all those years! God bless!

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    jonp !!!! you cant go yet !!!! you still owe me a clasp was fun running stuff with you in the ToO days and in RoR, you are a funny guy ;D hope you do well in the navy


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    Sep 2010
    i wish you luck in your life man
    your a good guy and i'm sad to see you go

    fair winds and following seas man
    crygin-R11 Warleader, dwarrowdelf

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    Jonp! -->Insert fail Darth Vader Scream from Episode 3 here<--

    I had avoided forums for previously mentioned reasons, but sad to get on and find yet another one of these threads.

    Moors will not be the same without the mighty Jonp and his epic level of patience. (From what I've experienced.)

    The best of luck to you man!

    Less Than Three~ Thunderboltz

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    I didn't know you all that well but I'm honored to have made the acquaintance of someone with the conviction and fiber to put himself on the line for all of us in the US back at home, good luck in all your future endeavors and hope to see you back soon safe and sound.

    Razzgash R12 Warg -- Razzgrish R12 Blackarrow -- Razztankz R12 Warleader
    Razztoxin R11 Weaver -- Razzhealzu R10 Defiler -- Razzbladez R9 Reaver

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    Aug 2007
    somewhere between this world and the next...
    Jon, good luck with your adventures! I always liked when I grouped with you because you were always laughing at stuff every 10 secs and making it a fun group to be in. Take care!
    Threndinir - Retired Old Dwarf

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    United States

    Good luck out there! I remember when you first came to the moors...bacon for all was the thought creep side. You were one of the few hunters that stuck it out. Seeing you just ganked at old EC. Soloing as a hunter. You helped to make old moors good.

    Good luck in the Navy. Thank you for serving and defending the people of the United States and its Territories.

    Fair winds and Following seas.

    -- Tanar

    I never hurt no Creeps.

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    Gda?sk PL
    so no more "shat up jas" in vent? qq
    Overlord Jasiak Pokurw, Farmer of Froobz
    r7 BA
    r6 Champ

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    Good luck and stay safe.
    [color=skyblue2]Stocky 95 RK[/color] - [color=violet]Lalwrence 85[/color] -[color=PaleGoldenRod] Dov 95 LM[/color] - [color=MediumVioletRed]Lallie 85 Mini[/color] - [color=springgreen]Meghan 85 Hunter[/color] - [color=tomato]Lalraen 85 Champ[/color]



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