Heya guys it's Jonp

It looks like my time here is at an end. I leave for US Navy basic training tomorrow and I won't be back for a long time. I've had an amazing time on Dwarrow the past two years and made many good friends and good memories that I'll never forget. Welth, you've turned into one hell of a hunter, hope to see you on the top of the leaderboards when I get back. Mal, you're one of the funniest and nicest guys I've had the pleasure of meeting in this game and I hope I can talk to you again sometime. Justin, you're one cocky mother&&&&er but damn are you a good captain and still one of my closest friends in this game. Minie and Global, besides your P2W :P you're a pretty awesome guy and gal and you're damn good at your classes. Pat you're one crazy guy but one of the best damn hunters out there (pvp or pve) and still a damn good friend of mine. Everyone in Ceaseless was a blast to run with and I consider you all good friends. And idk if either of them will read this, but Evaseale and Elandur you guys have been some of my closest friends since I met you in TWD and I wish the best for you guys. Also thanks to Anessen, Evo, Tanar, Razz, Karoc, and everyone else who made the moors so fun when I was out there.

I definitely am gonna miss a lot of people from Dwarrow, but honestly I'm glad I'm leaving for a while. This game has gotten to be enough for me with the way Turbine has been managing it and making it go south. Hopefully when I come back in HD things will be better. But regardless, it has been a pleasure playing and talking with you all these past two years and I hope to talk to you guys again.

Until next time,