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    Crafting and Classes

    I know that any Craft can go with any Class, but what I'm interested in finding out is what the rest of you think are the best Vocations for a specified class:

    For Example, Most of my Burglars are either a Armsman or Historian, or My Rune-Keepers are either a Tinker or Armourer.

    So what are your thoughts on what are good combos.

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    Depends on which game I'm in :)
    I go with what I think is right for the character. That is, they should be able to make things they can use. I once tried having a hunter with Armourer, thinking that making the crafting tools would be useful to them, but decided later that it just wasn't them and switched to something more useful (they were 30-something and already accessed the superior forge at that point).

    I try to envision what the character will be like, their personality, goals, and so forth. And then pick a crafting vocation that goes along with that. Sometimes I have it picked before I even start the character, and sometimes it takes a while to decide what they want. When I can't decide right away I usually go with Explorer to gather ores and wood until I can decide and then change it (usually happens before the starter tools wear out).
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    I prefer self-sufficiency and go with what I need. My first toon was a hunter, and because I didn't have alts I made him a woodsman so he could make his own bows and gather his own materials.

    My next three toons were tinker, armourer, and historian. Together, the 4 of them gave me access to all crafts, even if the historian relied on the tinker & armourer to supply metals for his weaponsmithing.

    My fifth toon was a yeoman, because by that time I realized that swapping between a cook toon and a farmer toon was a royal pain. I didn't want to farm on a toon that couldn't look up cook recipes. For that decision, it wasn't important that my fifth toon was a Loremaster.

    Later toons took crafts to fill in the missing guilds. If I were to roll new toons on a different server, I'd probably follow a similar pattern: while 1 or 2 might be particularly class-profession synergistic, the others would choose professions based on what's needed.
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    For my hunter which wasn't my first or second toon, I think Historian is good because you can make all your own consumables or woodsman is an excellent choice as well. Had I not already had a historian which is my burg I would have gone with historian. For Rks Tinker is good for making your own runestone but I already had a Tinker so I went with Armourer which worked out well because I could make tools and my own chisels.

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    I kinda try to make them match, but it's more important I get access to the important crafts first. On Silverlode my captain is a Weaponsmith, as that was my 7th crafting toon and Weaponsmith was about all I needed. (I have friends that handled LI crafting before that, so I wasn't really missing anything.) Captain doesn't really feel like a "Jeweler" class to me, but as it was my first toon on Elendilmir, and jeweler is one of the top two important crafting professions (IMO) my E captain is a Tinker.

    Some of my toons aren't too far off from what "works" with them though. My LM on both servers is a Historian. My hunter is a woodworker. Both my RK and warden were tailors. (RK ended up getting switched to cook, which I guess works well for any class.)
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    The only thing I'd like to add is make sure your main (or at least a toon u want to get to lvl cap and isn't just going to be stuck in the crafting hall) is an explorer.
    Hides drop off virtually every beast and scholar mats (in reduced quantities) drop off many mobs.
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