I've been looking over other servers and it seems Laurelin may be a good place for my character. My expected play times will be around 8am - 11:00am, Dallas TX time. In Europe the times would stagger between 2:00PM to 8:00PM and late nights after 10:00 PM for Australia / Oceanic. Landroval has really died completely on mornings and afternoons. It was not always that way. Several years ago, Landroval had heavy traffic at all hours of the day making mornings actually prefered over evenings. Out of necessity for my character, a new place is being sought out for him. He will be rolled back in character to a much younger age losing all role play progress along with a fresh name.

Before I dole out two thirds of my accrued Turbine points, there are several concerns that should be considered:

1. Does Laurelin stay active during the times 2pm - 10pm (London time) as well as 4:00pm - 12:00 (Romania, Ukraine, Poland) ? Also, how many players from Australia play from around 10:00pm - 2:00 am Sydney / Brisbane times?

2. Due to unknown technical limitations, I have difficulties with very large world RP events. For RP, my character will be limited to walk-ups, small groups (less than 25 players), and individual. I mostly like to keep guild and RP separate even in RP guilds. How open is Laurelin in terms of walk up RP? Since this question is largely based on opinion and quite subjective, please use another game or server as frame of reference. For example, The Ebon Hawk on SWTOR has a very open RP atmosphere with walk up RP going on all the time at all hours.

The main reason for wanting to move is the state of Landroval during morning / afternoon hours: http://assets.enjin.com/wall_embed_i...nShot00298.jpg . Bottom line is empty servers are really no fun at all. *shrugs* It's sad to see this happening to Landroval. A few years back, that server was busier than most heavy population realms in Warcraft.

Hit me up about Laurelin. There is only enough TP for one server move and next expansion pack.

Other character links: http://www.enjin.com/profile/3087692