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    Reason for playing the side you play?

    Easy enough question I suppose, how did you decide between Creep or Freep for PVMP?

    For myself, I dabbled Creepside while I was leveling my freep as it was far more interesting than roaming around questing for hours, after reaching max level in MoM though, I finally gave Freepside a shot and now play both due to friends on each side.

    How about you?

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    Bedtime With Sauron

    Your question reminded me of something I had scribbled down many moons past. So I tasked my goblin scribe Maude to trawl through Gramsfoot Library until the page was recovered. The results are duplicated below.

    "Once a week, Sauron takes time out of his busy schedule to read bedtime stories at Gramsfoot Orphanage to the children of his minions who have fallen in battle. We were lucky enough to accompany him on his latest visit.

    Hello children, get all snuggled up under the covers and Sauron will tell you a story. A story about how he found a small hobbit with tremendous potential and turned him to the darkside….what? Janet, I said no interruptions….I can’t say what? Are you serious? Lawyers? Cousin Porcupine? Oh, Palpatine? Lives in that spheroid caravan in space? He’s like a galactic trailer park villain! My sides are way darker than his….what? I know Janet, it’s not your fault but I’m not happy about this, get my attorney on to it and no more interruptions!

    Sorry boys and girls. A long time ago when we all appeared in this incarnation of Middle Earth there was a young minstrel. He dreamed of going to battle for the evil forces of Light! So I turned my gaze upon him. If this young hobbit could be corrupted more would follow. I watched as he ventured into The ‘Moors and smote many fine monsters, he strummed his lute with fervour and raised the morale of those around him. However, he was a stranger to these parts, he called out for company often for there were many who cheered and appreciated his healing music but few seemed willing to have him amongst them. Sauron raised his eyebrow, feeling some shift in the young hobbit’s heart. The young minstrel would not stay long but he would return a few times more and found it an unfriendly place.

    Why are you shifting around like that little one?......No! You’re a big orc now you can do it in your loincloth like a grown up.

    His heart had grown dark my children, the little hobbit would return once more to The ‘Moors but if it was to be a lonely place he decided it should be monsterly. He prowled around the lands in the early days as a warg, occasionally seeking the company of others but his soul was now black, he found the same unwelcoming atmosphere but cared not and simply shunned most contact. Alas, he quickly tired of this, he was never able to adapt to life on four legs so Sauron hatched his masterplan!

    Will you sit still little warg! If you can’t stop being so excited you’ll be the first puppy the grown ups eat in the pen when the food runs out!

    Sauron would spawn the first defiler my dark little children! At first the warg was transfixed at the sight of the shaking stick….it stirred something within and a distant memory of a healing past came back to him. Soon my personal physician Thingo would be born! He would run around and shake his stick at all and sundry, but to begin with still found it difficult to find company. Sauron knew this was his moment and fixed his gaze steadily upon his new stick shaker, steeling him with the resolve to persevere, and persevere he did! Through time and sheer annoying persistence, tempered with good humour, a few of his fellow monsters eventually took to him and to this very day children, he can be found trying to keep every monster he can see standing against the evil forces of light, the purest of hobbits had been turned! The end.

    Now children, it’s time for the lights to go out so everyone under the covers…..all settled? Goodnight my little monsters…..sleep well……have horrid dreams…….FEAR ME!!!!!!"

    I'm quite sure that answers your question in a precise and concise manner whilst getting straight to the heart of the matter.
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    I play on creepside because it's free. Used to play freepside and paying VIP throughout RoI and RoR until a couple of months ago, but no more, since i find it a complete waste of money to pay anything for the state of the the PVP Lotro currently is in.
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    I play the under-dog side. The side with least power/fewest number of players (generalized of course).

    In the past it was freepside. I rarely side-switch. So, currently that's creepside on Nimrodel.
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    I play on Creepside because I was utterly enamoured by the ability to play as a non-humanoid. That feature is so rare in MMOs, and gaming in general, that I just had to try it out. As a result the Warg and Weaver are my favourite classes.

    Additionally, I like that Creeps aren't forced to grind and work towards new gear constantly, not having to worry if X LI build works right and getting top tier virtues and shizz. Creeps are much more simplistic, and I for one like it that way.

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    1. I like playing as the underdog. Creeps have been big underdogs for a long time.
    2. Even though Freeps are the "good guys" I've found that the Creepside community is generally nicer and more helpful. Tbh, I've never seen myself as being the "bad guy" while reading the book or watching any of the movies, and I never thought I'd end up liking Creepside more than Freepside, but I do.
    I've been at the mercy of men just following orders. Never again.

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    I used to play creepside for about two years when times for creeps on our server were really hard.
    Nowadays I don't feel connected to both sides, thanks to stupid raidleaders on each side, who build raids even if there're only few opponents

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    As with most things, I play the side where I find the best people who are both effective in their play and respectful/enjoyable to be around.

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    It's simple really. Creep characters are automatically raised to max level.
    Since my Freep character doesn't have the most recent expansions, It would be suicidal to play him at level 66 in the moors.

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    I started playing my captain in the moors when the level cap was 65, then i left the game for a year (RoI). When i came back i started a creep reaver, and got it to rank 6-7. then i decided to go VIP again, and play my captain. Then i decided to go to a bigger server and make a war leader, so i did. and i got it to rank 8. I like to play both sides regularly, but usually not on the same servers. I find it best to not freep/creep on the same server, so I can avoid drama.

    But..i like freepside most. i spent 65, or 75, or 85, and soon 95 levels with my toons, and i love to smash creepies with them

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    I play creep...

    Freep side has no dedication to pvp like creep side does... No separate kin... no private channel... sure a group can claim to be pvp but they need to gear up sometime...

    Creep side, with lack of a better word, was designed to pvp... and if your goal is to pvp at any given time, logging on a creep is how that is easiest achieved...
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    Well basically I dislike the freepside and our tribe has a no freeping policy anyway.

    However as for why I choose creep in the first place it was many moons ago. Back in the days of Fell Scrying pools, I got my first freep character to level 10 and at the first pool I found I thought 'Oh, I read about this on the games box I'll give it a go'. Anyway I made a warg, gave it an evil sounding name and began to explore, that was over 6 years ago. This was so early on that there were no freeps around for several weeks. Over the years I met so many great people on creepside and have enjoyed leading a tribe for as long as we have been able to have tribes. I still have fun playing my warg and the idea of going freepside in the Ettens is so counter intuitive it never crosses my mind. I even have a tat of a warg such is my dedication to the creeps.
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    I play Creepside, as they are weaker, and I try to heal when they need it. I only go Freepside if they are camping the Freeps, which happens rarely. My goal is to have fun and help others have fun. If/when things are more balanced, I will freep more.
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    I play creepside because I don't pay2win.

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    I play both sides, but I enjoy Freepside more

    Why? Because there's more things to do (right or wrong), there's more to learn and it needs more skill to play a Freep 100% perfect than a Creep

    You can contribute more to the fight - when a Fraid of 8/9 is fighting a Craid of 12-14 I sure can contribute to the fight on my Defiler, but I can't change the momentum of the fight as I can on my RK (Healer also)

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    I play on creepside because I enjoy PvP more than I enjoy earning points.

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    Ettens I do about only with creeps because I really cant stand the freep ppl of ettens.. The community on creepside is much more friendly and fun.
    I still would like to enjoy playing on both sides, I maybe will on future play more freeps.
    For example if I get into a kin where the freeps are not having problems with everyone and everything and would not be deeply satisfied if they saw every creep -player- being sent to death in real life and so on.

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    Creep only. I guess being the underdog appeals to my masochistic tendencies, I want a challenge when I play, creepside sure as 'that fiery hot place' offers that at the moment.
    Besides being a creep offers a fine excuse for me for suckin', if I failed with the current state of the Moors as a freep, I'd just be too embarrased to come back to the Ettens.
    And since I don't PvE (asides the PvE Turbine 'forces' me to in Ettens.) that's not really an option... :P
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    I play creepside. I like playing non-humanoid characters. Also, I've never managed to cap a freep (level 59 is my highest).

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirAndrose View Post
    As with most things, I play the side where I find the best people who are both effective in their play and respectful/enjoyable to be around.

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    Army of Angmar because I can play as a 7 or 8 ft tall monster who hits like what a hobbit should hit like
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    It's mainly been the community that's attracted me to one side or another. Primarily freepside, took a break for a year and when I came back I found creepside to be easier to grind through for the cap on my monsters than to level a freep for LIs, gear, and whathaveyou. I've been playing a freep lately after some encouragement of new friends, so really the motivation becomes reliant on who I play with.

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    Differing play styles I guess. If I want to solo roam I play my freeps, if I want coordinated group centric action I log on my creeps.
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