I recently reported a thread about this and got a very helpful response to come here. So here's the situation. Roughly 2-3 years ago I played a character frequently. I don't remember his name or what server. Although I do believe it was Firefoot if I remember correctly. Anyways when I resumed my playing after a 3 year hiatus I noticed my character was gone. I don't remember deleting him, and I checked every singe server to see if he was there. No luck. May I please have staff help me find my lost/stolen character. I'm almost positive I played him on this account. Is there anyway to see my account history and see what characters I've played on and so on. I was informed that there was a security breach about two years ago and characters were looted and destroyed, which may have happened to mine. If there is some way to recover my character, which I was informed there was, that would be amazing.

If in the case there is no other character history on this account, it leads me to one more possible conclusion. I may have had a subscription to Lotro on my account I use to play DDO, but it may have it expired or I may have deleted it. Which in that case I will try to get a new key.