If Turbine is aware that the Draigoch raid is bugged, then why on earth is it still active? If Draigoch is bugged it needs to be disabled. I went ballistic after spending a significant amount of time in that "known issues" raid trying to complete it. In fact, it bugged THREE times in a row, the last bug being when Draigoch was about 10% of his MORALE. (That isn't including the other night that it bugged) Needless to say, I went off on in game support ticket. The GM came on trying to show me his "authority" and that he was going to do NOTHING about an apparent "known issue." Okay, it's a effing KNOWN ISSUE. HEY, anyone else see something effed up about an instance being active yet having KNOWN PROGRAMMING ISSUES? How about this, DEACTIVATE the "KNOWN ISSUE" instance/raid to keep from pissing off your customers?!!!!! AND, I'm not through there either. If ya have a HELP ticket system and a person keeps using it for help, even if it is annoying, then ya either help him with the KNOWN ISSUE instance or you deactivate the KNOWN ISSUE INSTANCE. I understand that some of you are saying, Geez, it's just a game........but if you SPEND your TIME playing it then you have an INVESTMENT of your TIME and your EFFORT. TURBINE owes me my LOOT from that time and effort I spent playing their KNOWN ISSUES Draigoch instance. FIX your &&&&&& coding. If you can't fix it, then remove it. It really is that damn simple. I don't except &&&&&& coded game play.