I'm not sure if it's known, and forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong forum or going about it the wrong way to let it be known...

but I just put the Reveller's Caparison (red one) on my war steed and it shows as the Azure Caparison (blue one). The Azure outfit was given to players for the anniversary for playing... 5 years? I've only been with lotro for 2.5 or so years and I did get the Reveller's outfit from the letter quest.

It's only the caparison that is glitched. The head piece and saddle still show as the red one (correct one). Also, other players can see the blue caparison too, so it's not just me.

Just thought I'd let er... Turbine? know... if they see this. lol I'm not sure how to go about reporting it, sorry. xP I didn't think an in game bug report would be proper for this particular issue. Correct me if I'm wrong. lol