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    Gladden PVMP RL Picture Thread

    We had one on the main page for the server, but it's not been posted in for over 5 months. Plus not sure too many pvpers on this server check the main forum any more since the changes to the way that the sub forums are set up. So post them pics, yo. I'll go first with a recent and an older pic of me that I hadn't shared in the other thread from March of '06 or '07 doing what I do best, singing whilst intoxicated.

    Here's the recent:

    And the old one:

    And a third one for the hell of it:

    And a fourth one, back home in South Louisiana:
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    This is my face shot for my acting portfolio, the rest just show what kind of acting field i wanted to go into and unfortunately no one was impressed with my credentials

    And a fourth one, back home in South Louisiana:

    Next time you post alchohol pics in public I'd make sure they look as manly as possible LOL as seen below

    Btw that 40oz was 5 bucks at the chicken joint here in Little Rock. Best thing ive found in this dump since i got here along with the chicken.
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    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    And as far as manly beer.....

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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    Trait trees have ruined the game

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    Ill give it another try, troll all you like.

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    Appropriately, here is a shot of me PVPing.

    I'm the blurry one on the right with a yellow sword.
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    Cause I like Buddha and stuff, ya know.
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    Of all the shots from those epic battles, Clev, and you chose the blurriest one. Tsk tsk tsk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
    Cause I like Buddha and stuff, ya know.
    Forgot how much you look like a bad ###, Swift.

    Check out my new shirt...

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