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    Unhappy Housing containers and bound items...

    It seems that the latest update has some undocumented changes to housing containers.
    I just logged in after the update and got messages about housing escrow. I visited the escrow broker and was given some fishing group trophies. I thought it was strange that they would get sent back to me, so went to my house to investigate.
    Everything seemed fine, upkeep was paid through the month, all the walls appeared to be decorated as they had been.
    I attempted to just put the trophies into the housing containers, when I got a message that they do not accept bound items.
    Why of all the things that could possibly be changed about housing, would it be this?
    Now any bound items (trophies being a good example since they come that way when you barter for them) must always be displayed. Gone is the option to use them seasonally, putting them away in the chest when it is time to display something else.
    It seems that the already limited decorating hooks have become even more so.
    This is rather disappointing.
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    Where have you been?

    Ever since I have been playing the game, housing chests do not accept bound items of any sort. It has been well over a year since I really started to venture through Middle Earth so there was no change in the last update.

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    My guess that the status of the fishing trophies is what changed. Housing chests have never taken bound items (though I wish they would).
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    get a premium wallet, that should solve a bit of your problem, and like the others said, bound items were never allowed in housing chests...
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    There are undocumented change of some items that gained 'Bind on acquire' status, that were 'bind on equip/use' before. I have spotted some dyes i got from lotteries, and placed in storage, now having such a "bind on acquire" status. Would i have put them in housing storage instead of character vault, i guess i would have got same error and situation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flixxer View Post
    get a premium wallet, that should solve a bit of your problem, and like the others said, bound items were never allowed in housing chests...
    I know the wallet holds pre-taxidermied items. Does it now also hold the trophy items that are made after you do the barter at the taxidermist? I've never tried this to see for myself.
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    Maybe these were trophies bound to YOU but that you put up in someone else's house, which they recently abandoned?

    I assume they would be returned to you through the Escrow system?

    Housing containers have never accepted bound items, and as far as I can remember, fishing trophies have been bound.

    Since there will be hundreds of houses opening up tomorrow, and there's a 24-hour period where you can't buy another house if you've recently abandoned one, I would imagine if someone were planning on moving to a better house, they'd be abandoning their old one today to get ready for tomorrow.
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