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The only reason so few kins have completed flight is that there are very few kins still raiding. It really isn't that hard.
While I agree with you in theory, I believe you have the cause and effect reversed. I don't think Flight hasn't been completed by many kins because few kins are still raiding, I think it's actually the fact that Flight was delayed at launch, then quickly taken down after reopening, then was simply unbeatable then nerfed but "buffed" with a rediculous amount of lag making it nearly unbeatable, that kins aren't raiding (amoung a laundry list of other reasons, but since raiding is what raiders do, given Flight's history, I believe it played a big factor in it, or at least the straw that broke the camel's back sorta thing).

Now again, I agree with you that the mobs, strat and mechanics make this raid easily farmable, especially after the nerf. Without the lag, I wouldn't doubt that we would have 20-30 or more kins not only downing T2C Flight, but farming it (or able to, if loot tables were... eh n/m). But given the horrendous(sp?) amount of lag, it not only makes it nearly unplayable, but it doesn't make it very fun to even attempt. As Cirone said, even though after completing it for the first time is very rewarding, it is still watered down by the fact that we didn't spend all this time trying to come up with a strat to effectively deal with the mechanics of the current end-game raid, but simply hoping for LUCK that it will only lag for 2-3 seconds, every single spawn, vs. lagging for 4-5+ seconds...