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    Congrats High Chieftan Baglun!!

    Grats on a well deserved and hard fought rank 13 on the BA. You are a fearless raid, kin, tribe leader and all those who oppose your groups crumble. I hope your desire to dominate Arkenstone moors never falters and you continue to bring the fights, even when the fraids run and hide in places like the DOF or GV safe path for over 50 minutes; like the other night!

    Congrats again!
    Loki - Voodoo - Cheezy

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    Apr 2007
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    You're good at what you do and you have that electric charisma unique to cult leaders. Never change Bag, gratz.
    Chieftain Akart, Servant of Fernando the Benevolent and Chester the Sleepy Squirrel

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    Nov 2010


    Grats Baglun! I've been in a couple of your creep raids and learned alot and love the way you lead out there. Also you scare the &&&& outta my freep healer Thanks for the heart attacks! Good luck

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    Grats Bag nice to see another 13 on the server.

    lol akart as much as I dislike you, that post is pure gold.
    Formerly Derlan of Arkenstone, Thistlebeard of Crickhollow, Thistlehair of Brandywine. Once again Derlan of Arkenstone. Your Welcome for the $75 WB.

    Auzue, Number (Arkenstone)

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    Congratulations to the best raid leader I've ever known and a great guy as well! Good luck on whichever toon you choose to rank next

    (Retired... Maybe un-retired?) Arkenstone: Immanitas R12 Burg, Gorbat R12 Reaver, Sueahpro R11 Mini, Falsified R9 RK, -The Blood Hand
    Crickhollow: Orphluk R9 Warg, Orphelun-1 R8 RK. -The Blood Hand.

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    Jul 2010
    Congratulations to a great Blackarrow and one of the best raid leaders I've ever had the privilege of fighting under! No matter what server we're on or characters we're playing, you're always able to make the game and TeamSpeak enjoyable at the same time. Regardless of what you decide to do next, I wish you the best of luck!
    Arkenstone: Blulum (r12 Reaver), Tumblytwo-1 (r10 Champion), Gnaral (r7 Warg) - Nefarious

    R.I.P. "The Blood Hand" 05/21/14



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