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    Congrats Second Marshall Gyrfalcon

    Gratz buddy it was a long push.

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    Congratulations Second Marshal Gyrfalcon! It's always a pleasure running with you. Great job out there, and best of luck on your way to r14. /bow

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    Malakorou - Rank 10 Defiler
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    Congratz man! Your a beast... or should I say a beast master. *chuckle*

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    congratulations to one of the best players and person out in the moors : Second Marshall. GyrFalcon! You are a truly amazing Lm! Thanks for all your help, tips and superb action making!
    Well deserved rank, you worked hard for every point ! ./bows
    Ascension-Arkenstone :
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    Congratulations Gyrfalcon.

    Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized.(Albert Einstein)

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    I remember having some good fights vs you. Grats on rank and still kicking ### out there.
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    Well played old friend!

    Good see you're still trucking in this god awful game. One day, we'll all be R15 and nothing to show for it :P
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    Terrific player, even better person. Congrats on rank, very well deserved for sure!

    and @ Riv...handsignals *pffft*!!

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    Grats old friend, always enjoy our ooc conversations. I don't know about the rest of ya'll but Falcon was one of my first inspirations when I started pvping.
    Loki - Voodoo - Cheezy



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