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    New Warden, Lvl 20 Gambits

    So I am digging the Warden Class and all but at level 20 I got like bunch of skills that are greyed out that says they need to be slotted, as in Fist,Fist.....Spear, Spear.....Shield, Shield and others, but when I went to the Bard to trait them they are not there.

    So I understand how they are used for quick gambit builders but on how to acquire them. Are they from class deeds I need to get down the road or will they eventually just open themselves up as I play? I find it hard to believe you get these skills at lvl 20 and can't use them. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Though I'm not a full expert on Wardens i understand that you are supposed to trait for the Different skills in order to reach the desired "stance". For instance if you want to make more damage you would trait for the spear and your spear "quick-Builders" would light up.

    You do have acquire these skills from the skill deeds in order to trait them.

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    I believe they are unlocked at 21, the same time you get your second class trait slot.
    You need 2 of the same trait line equipped to unlock them.

    Two red traits unlocks - Spear+Shield Spear+Spear and Spear+Fist
    Three red trait unlocks - Fist+Spear Fist+Fist and Fist+Shield
    Four Red traits unlocks - Shield+Spear Shield+Shield and Shield+Fist

    Two Blue Traits unlocks = Shield+Spear Shield+Shield and Shield+Fist
    Three Blue Traits unlocks - Fist+Spear Fist+Fist and Fist+Shield
    Four Blue traits unlocks - Spear+Shield Spear+Spear and Spear+Fist

    Two yellow traits unlock - Fist+Spear Fist+Fist and Fist+Shield
    Three Yellow traits unlock - Spear+Shield Spear+Spear and Spear+Fist
    Four Yellow traits unlock - Shield+Spear Shield+Shield and Shield+Fist

    Then five of a single trait color unlock your legendary trait for level 58 and battle memory. When you use Goad, Deft Strike or Whatever shield shield is called your next gambit goes on battle memory and you can pay morale to use that gambit again instantly without re-building it.

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    Ok awesome thanks for the help guys, clears it up some.



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