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    Are you ready to be sectioned...?

    Are you being driven to madness by wiping in pug Sammy runs?
    Or maybe you just want a quiet hideaway in Middle Earth for you to escape and find solace, talk min/maxing, gear swaps, macros and rotations?

    Perhaps you need to book yourself a room at the Asylum

    Asylum is a new, end-game raiding kin of around 16 members looking to find a final few like minded souls before recruitment closes. Our current roster of members contains players from all over the world who are interested in tackling the games hardest content in the most inimitable style...

    Whilst we are currently seeking DPS classes (Hunter/Champ) and Captains we are interested in applications from other classes also.

    The application form is pretty ruthless and for that we make no apologies. If you lag in a zerg, play on refurbished Atari or think that Combat Analysis is something that the group leader does at the end of a 6-man then Asylum probably isn't the place for you...

    But maybe you've wondered if you could 6-man BfEt2, or you might have different LI's for different trait lines, are you the kind of player that can call targets and heal your fellowship whilst kiting a zerg, or maybe you're an Ent incarnate and you can solo Saruman with only a butter knife, tied up, underwater, blindfolded and in the dark...if you are then maybe Asylum is for you...

    To secure your place in a top end-game kin and prepare to battle the worst Sauron has to throw at Helms Deep, then be bold my friend: there's a whole new game to play...

    Contact: Ohpra, Kraumer, Presdas or Aglaeka ingame for more information or alternatively fill out an application form at:

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