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    Lightbulb burglar class deed

    i think that burglars should get a new class deed i think it should be called lightening the load (i am not sure if that is real deed or not becuase i have a lvl 23 burglar myself) it should be given to a burglar once they use burgle 5-10 times sucsesfully (i put 5-10 because i a not sure what number it should be) on any target,the reward for it should be -cooldown timer by acleast 8 seconds and you should get a higher chance to get something because just face it we all hate getting "you failed to burgle anything" if this could happen i would be glad
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    There is no trait like this for burglars...
    What trait do you think this should give??
    I would suggest better burgle chance, and more efficient burgle ( like as in you get better stuff)

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    Upon slotting the "Sword Thief" trait, the "Burgle" skill is modified. The Burglar now has a chance to steal the target's primary weapon, disarming it and limiting weapons based attacks.

    As always, this is only available from stealth. Let's make it a Gamble. That way it won't stack with the Diversion defensive gamble, as either gamble will overwrite the other. (It also fits in nicely in the blue Gambler line.) As with all Gambles it goes up to Tier 6 on Gambler's Strike.

    Tier 1 = 10 second duration.
    Tier 2 = 20 second duration.
    Tier 3 = 30 second duration.
    Tier 4 = 40 second duration.
    Tier 5 = 50 second duration.
    Tier 6 = 60 second duration.

    The gamble will affect different mobs differently. Those that have lots of weapons based attacks will be pretty toothless. Those with more tactical / voice attacks won't be affected as much. The skill can't even be used on non-humanoid mobs, as they are immune to "Burgle" in the first place.

    I love it!

    EDIT: Just to be clear, this is a proposal fleshing out the original posters idea, not an existing skill.
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    I like where you're going with it, but I was thinking outside the box on this one:

    You deed it (75-150x), and for each mode you're in:

    None: Standard random burgle but a chance for cash
    Quiet Knife: Steal a weapon, small chance of a weapon you want to use (LI Weapon or Class Item) or other valuable
    Gambler: Steal something and drop a gamble on them



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