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    Hini En Taure Looking for Aussies and Kiwis

    Hini En Taure which is elvish for Children of the Forest, is currently recruiting mature players to join in the fun! We're a semi-raiding and casual kinship looking to expand our horizons and have fun with others, whether by raiding, endgame instances, or just hanging out.

    As our aussie branch is a little sparse at moment. (ok yes its just me and a couple of other guys, who seem to have different play times) we are really keen to see some more Aussie timezone players join us. Of course US (and other country) players are welcome too.

    Are you new to the game and have no idea what's going on?
    Are you new to level cap and don't know what to do now?
    Do you want to get into grouping but are too scared to pug because you don't know what you're doing or don't know what pug stands for?
    Is your alt kin getting lonely? Or worse is your alt kin getting too chatty? (hmm.... that's a worry)
    Do you just want to hang out and have fun with some nice people?

    Then maybe we can help.

    If interested please send a /tell or mail to Tyranos in-game or forum message me here.

    PS Hini En Taure is an equal opportunity kin. We welcome all toons weather tall and pointy eared or short and beardy.

    Happy Hunting

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    Welcome to our new members

    Callirion the Guardian (lvl 18) and Hafien the Loremaster (lvl 17)


    If we get a few more lowbies I'll level an alt so we can all do the group content together

    Level cap players who would like a no drama and no pressure start into grouping would be most welcome, would be great to do some regular 3mans and then 6mans when numbers permit.

    contact Tyranos in-game if interested

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    just wondering

    Hi, i was just wondering your most common times playing, I am L30 first time player from Oz and looking for a kin to join

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    Quote Originally Posted by hipoz View Post
    Hi, i was just wondering your most common times playing, I am L30 first time player from Oz and looking for a kin to join
    Hey welcome to LOTRO. I play most evenings usually from around 8pm. I'm often on for a bit off and on before that too.

    I have a few alts I've been thinking of leveling around the 30ish level too...



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