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Where's that then noddy land ? Burgs are about as much use in a moors raid as an ashtray on a motorbike and not much better in pve

Disable on reavers. Enrage on BA's. Addle on Defilers and WL's. Dust on wargs. Any half-brained semi-competent 'Moors raid-leader will have a Burglar or two for debuffs. If you feel useless in a raid situation or you're not getting invited, then it's something to do with you, not the class.

Although I will concede to the point that we are useless in PvE except for stuff like BFE where we Disable the trolls.

Edit: P.S.

I'm not sure why you'd want to join a 'Moors raid anyway. They're terribly boring to be honest, it's much more fun to solo or duo with a good friend.