Ive played a reaver since lvl 65 and am now rank 12. I got DR at rank 9 and i was so happy i loved the skill....(loved)

Things are different now and most times when i try to use it i end up dying instantly....or even worse standing their ...rooted.

I do get kills from it when i can actually use it for the whole 15 secs which is very rare...in my own experience.

I propose DR(Dying Rage) be changed to be like the LS(Last Stand) for cappy in which i wont die until the 15 secs is up, but when the 15 secs are up then i die.

Were gonna die anyway...might as well try to get a kill out of death.

It will help alot when im fighting 3 tactical classes and hunter....which happens too often.

Im open for thoughts on the topic...maybe im justing QQing but owell

If you agree

Sorry if it dont make sense im drunk