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Thread: Dying Rage

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    Dying Rage

    Ive played a reaver since lvl 65 and am now rank 12. I got DR at rank 9 and i was so happy i loved the skill....(loved)

    Things are different now and most times when i try to use it i end up dying instantly....or even worse standing their ...rooted.

    I do get kills from it when i can actually use it for the whole 15 secs which is very rare...in my own experience.

    I propose DR(Dying Rage) be changed to be like the LS(Last Stand) for cappy in which i wont die until the 15 secs is up, but when the 15 secs are up then i die.

    Were gonna die anyway...might as well try to get a kill out of death.

    It will help alot when im fighting 3 tactical classes and hunter....which happens too often.

    Im open for thoughts on the topic...maybe im justing QQing but owell

    If you agree

    Sorry if it dont make sense im drunk
    High Chieftain Swordmonkey rank 13 reaver ~Vilya~
    High Warden Maldrian rank 9 guardian

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    Reavers are in a pretty good place right now but clearly this skill needs to be reworked when half of the time you die before the skill goes off.
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    Hey, why not? It's all good with me.

    *HIPS away* "mwhahahaa"

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    Lmao hips and flop are killers when i hit DR haha just running in circles till i die. Then they get up and cj me!!

    QQQQQQ haha
    High Chieftain Swordmonkey rank 13 reaver ~Vilya~
    High Warden Maldrian rank 9 guardian

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    I've been at the mercy of men just following orders. Never again.

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    As long as the cooldown timer stays the same, I'm all for this.
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