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Balrogs are created by Morgoth the first and most powerful dark lord. They answer to him only.
The Balrogs were demonic 'fallen' Maiar, spirits of fire who'd entered Melkor's service willingly (just as Sauron did) but who'd originally been created by Iluvatar.

Ring doesn't have any effect.
Why think that at all? We know that the Ring would work just fine for another Maia - Gandalf could have taken it if he'd wanted to, and Saruman of course wanted it for himself. The catch was that if they had done, they'd have ended up being just like Sauron, which was why Gandalf said he didn't dare have anything to do with it. As the Balrogs were Maiar and already extremely evil, it seems sensible to imagine that the Ring would have served one of them just fine as well. The only thing it wouldn't have done would have been to render them invisible when they wore it. And yes, a Balrog with the Ring would by implication have been pretty much unstoppable, because it'd have had its own considerable power plus most of that of Sauron.

As for the will of Morgoth - no, it didn't really work like that. Because Morgoth had been cast out of the world into the Void, he was outside time and so his will could no longer affect Middle-earth. However, an impersonal evil that had come from him was still around because before he'd been cast out, he'd expended most of his power to extend a subtle, evil influence over the whole world, so that it couldn't be removed by any means short of destroying everything.