I'm kinda curious what would happen if one of the Balrogs obtained the one ring. In a picture I saw on Google, the ring melted but I know that wouldn't happen because it could only be destroyed in the place it was forged. Also, did Sauron have a kind of secret forge that nobody knew about? When you're in the middle of freaking Mt. Doom don't you think that SOMEBODY is gonna notice that you are forging something? Also, why Mt. Doom Tolkien?! You can create 2* entire languages and yet name a mountain Mt. Doom?! That's just sad! But back on track, if a Balrog obtained the ring, would it bring it to Sauron or would it just keep it for itself? Would it try to destroy the ring? Well then again it would essentially there destroy itself... So yeah, the 2 main questions I'm asking are, What do you think a Balrog would do with the one ring, and how could Sauron forge the ring with everybody around?