Hullo all. I've been roleplaying on Imladris for some time and have enjoyed it immensely. I have no intentions of leaving that server, but I have decided to try making a character on an actual RP server as well...Landroval, specifically.

The difficulty comes with the character itself (or herself, rather). Originally, I thought I might just re-make my Imladris main, Lenira Ashleaf, farmgirl/hunter-turned-Ranger. However, I ran into two problems: the name Lenira was already taken and I can't reconcile playing her with a different name; and I found myself struggling with the idea of playing the same character in a new setting, without all the people who shaped her journey so much on Imladris.

So, I went with Liandal instead, but with the same background and appearance of my original Bree-land hunter. Yet she poses her own problem: I have based Liandal on a character in a story that I am writing (or trying to write, at any rate), which takes place in a somewhat different setting than Middle Earth. The Liandal of my story is a Rider, part of a specialized messenger service. Riders are an elite force sworn to the service of the king, and they share a magic Bond with their horses.

Obviously, that won't do for a hunter in Arda.

As of now, I have at least the basic personality of Liandal (mostly taken from the one in my story, as you might expect). Part of that personality depends on her being well-trained, and that is one of the points of difficulty: finding a reason that a Bree-land woman might have such training. The Liandal of my story comes from a minor noble house, but that's hardly an option for a Bree-lander. I would like to adapt the Rider aspect of her character to fit Middle Earth, but again, how would a Bree-land woman end up in such a position? And would there be someone in particular that she is servicing? The Dunedain, perhaps? Another force of the Free Peoples based in Bree-land or among the Eglain? Probably not the elves, though the dwarves might receive her services.

Thoughts? Recommendations?