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    Nov 2010
    United States

    Cool Grats Veenom r12!

    Congrats to the best spiderwarg on the server. I didn't realize no one made you a thread when you ranked! Glad to be the KB that you got to rank with. Hope that you keep on rooting/stunning/reflecting me to death :P. Has been great fun PvPing with you last couple of years. With the expansion..maybe DD will get some fun PVP going again.

    --Tanar (edited to add name as forum sig thing keeps messing up)

    I never hurt no Creeps.

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    Yay! Grats to me! I really am the best spiderwarg in lotro! I have lots of fun chatting with myself and I wish me the best of luck on my journey to r13!!

    ~~forum bunny noob, Rayzr~~
    Chieftain Rayzr of Dwarrowdelf (Reaver)
    Footman Sakeri of Dwarrowdelf (Captain)

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    Dec 2012
    Gratz Veeny I saw you'd ranked on the leaderboards but decided against makin' a gratz thread, I figured someone else would do it for me. ;P

    Good luck with CHAOS Veeny, they're a tough bunch, that lot...
    Dwarrowdelf-Gothash-R9 Reaver
    @Celedreor-R5 Hunter
    'Naked dwarf on fire. That can't be good.'
    ~ Sapience

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    Gratz Veenom on rank, you deserve it.

    Hopefully the balance will swing more in favor of creeps in the future so I can go back to being stunned and rooted on my mini.

    ~~ Knashbash, Pondslime, Haiter

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    Oct 2009
    Houston, Texas
    Grats Veen!! I remember fighting against you back when you were just a hatchling and now you've morphed into a fungus infested Chieftain Spiderwarg. Keep on pouncing those unsuspecting freeps!
    High Chieftain Kamikazee Rank 13 Reaver

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    Wink Gratz veenoooommm

    Best spiderwarg on the server? PSH, best spiderwarg in lotro. Awshum spider and veryyy well deserved!

    Zly- RuneKeeper
    Margrish- Rank 7 Reaver

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    The best spider of this server has ranked, congratulations man:P Too bad i missed seein you rank but oh well i believe i can rest peacefully knowing that you are still there and kicking some froob butt Hope we web those froobs together again someday...and of course,hurry up to r13;P

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    Gratz to the best spiderwarg on the planet. Well deserved!



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