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    Please explain 'Combat positioning' (formerly 'Skilful Blocking')

    As per the title, I'm having difficulty understanding Combat Positioning.

    1. It increases my Fist Gambit Evade rating - what does this mean?

    2. Successful Evades restore 1% Morale - this looks great, but it is connected to the point above?

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    Every time you evade you get 1% of your max morale back and to facilitate this purpose this trait boosts your evade rating by a little bit.

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    Thanks for the swift reply!

    OK, but why mention 'Fist Gambit'?

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    The +___ fist gambit evade rating means just that. Certain fist gambits give a +evade buff, War-Cry and Surety of Death being two of them. This trait makes the buff given by these gambits larger. A Keen Response does the same thing for the parry rating buff from spear gambits (Wall of Steel), and on the same theme restores 1% of your maximum power on every parry/partial parry.

    Neither the power or morale restore parts are tied to using either type of buff, if you have the traits slotted, the restores will always happen on parries/partial parries or evades/partial evades. The fist/spear gambit parry/evade buffs just help them happen more often.

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    OK, that really helped!

    So it was well worth acquiring the Human Race trait 'Balance of Man' as that increased my Evade and Parry...

    I have already acquired 'Keen Response' - but at present (level 40) I'm using 5 Traits in 'Way of the Shield'.
    Presumably I add 'Keen Response' @ level 53?

    I now have questions about 'Battle memory' and 'Potency' - I hope it's OK to ask them in this thread.

    I have used Goad and got the Battle Memory icon on the screen.
    But how do I store a gambit in it?
    And how do I cast it?

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    Both the trigger for potency (Goad/Defensive Strike/Deft Strike) and the gambit you wish to store need to successfully hit a target in order for them to work. If Goad/Deft Strike/Defensive strike miss, potency will not be triggered, and if the gambit you want to store misses, it will not be stored. Once you successfully store a gambit into battle memory, you simply click the icon/press the hotkey for that skill (which will now be the icon for your stored gambit) to execute it.

    Hope that helps.



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