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    starting to rp in riddermark

    hello there, lately, i have decided to try to rp in my server (riddermark) because i tried once to open a char in an rp server (laurien) and i realy liked it, but couldnt leave my kin....

    so i decided to try to rp in my server, ik that the pupolation of rp players in non-rp servers are almost a 1%. but i still want to try.

    my main character is a guardian dwarf (from the grey mountains) and im thinking a background for him. so my question is: in the lotro history (not the novels, the game) i read that the dwarves returned to the mountains after the dragons perished. so does it mean that mount gundabad is held by the dwarves or orcs that took over the mountain and attacked in the battle of the five armies?

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    my main question is: that i read about the grey mountains in the in game about them wich says the dwarves came after the dragons have perished.

    so my main question is: does that meaning for mount gundabad or the other mines of the grey mountains (mahalkukhizdin, thakalgund, danuk-khizding etc...)

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    I don't know the answer to your question, but merp.wikia.com is a resource I use a lot when creating back stories for my characters. It seems that the last Dwarven king's rule ended in in TA 1267, and after that only orcs ruled. However, I know there's an option in game to make your Dwarf from the Grey Mountains, so there must still be Dwarves there.


    I'm intrigued and will post again if I find anything further.
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    After a little more research, I see that the website I linked in my previous post actually covers "Expanded Middle-earth", the non-canonical subcreation made for various Middle-earth role-playing games. I still use it for reference though to color my characters a bit more.

    A more reliable source would be the following:

    ...between TA 2190 and TA 2590 the Grey Mountains were the seat of Kings. In TA 2589, however, the Dwarven halls in that region were attacked by cold-drakes from the north. The King at the time, Dain I (TA 2440 -TA 2589), was slain along with one of his sons, Frór (TA 2552 -TA 2589). His older son Thror* (TA 2542 - TA 2790) fled with his people to the Lonely Mountain.
    from http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Dwarves

    *This was Thror, Thorin Oakenshield's grandfather

    It would seem here that the last Dwarf civilization in the Grey Mountains ended in TA 2589. The current year in LOTRO is 3018, so again, I don't think it would be possible to have a 500 year-old Dwarf. The last canonical mention I can find of the Grey Mountains refers to Bolg leading the goblin army in the Battle of Five Armies in 2941 from Mount Gundabad through the Grey Mountains.

    By 2941, the Grey Mountains were inhabited by numerous Orcs. The army of Orcs and Wargs assembled by Bolg marched from Mount Gundabad through the Grey Mountains and descended upon the Lonely Mountain from the north. They were defeated by the Dwarves, Wood-Elves, and Lake-Men in the Battle of the Five Armies.
    http://thainsbook.net/mountains.html#Grey Mountains

    It looks to me like Turbine just made up the Grey Mountain origin for Dwarves possibly because they wanted to offer more choices? Hopefully someone who is more of a lore nut than I can give you a better answer.
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