Well everyone... It's very sad to see so many people leaving lotro as of late.. But I'm afraid this'll be one more for the list.
I am now living in New Zealand for the time being, attending a full time Bible/Music school. I will have very little free time, and even with weekends off, the internet here is far too expensive to justify lotro.

Thank you so much to everyone for all the great times over the past two years, it's been amazing! I would like to someday return and hang out with you guys again, but we'll see what the future holds this fall.

I would like to also thank a short(ish) list of people for the friends they have been, and the examples they have been in lotro for the past two years.

Kalebai, Thoronor, and Falabor. My first lotro friends, who I am still in contact with today. Thanks for having me in what become an awesome kinship, with a great group of people! So thanks to everyone from: A Light In The Darkness.

Thanks to Toa for having me in The Last Company. I have made so many great friends there. Tanar, Kyo, Woobiel, Corros, Cal, you guys all take care!!

Anessen and all of Knights of the White Cross, thanks for having me around! You're a great group of people and I'm glad that people like you are still around playing lotro.. It's really what holds the community together.

And everyone else who I have met in lotro, it's been an honor! Atador and Mal, great times in the moors, and talking to you guys in vent. Best of luck to you! Jonp... It's been real, lol@ your vent rages, take care bro! Minie and Global, nice getting to know you two! Take care! Zeva... Thanks for being crazy enough to quest in the moors with me, even at 5am! <3 Always fun hanging out with you, one of my best lotro friends ever, even though we argue about pvp. And all that goes for Zepp too! Though I don't think he would have ever stayed up till 5am, without some persuasion :P. Tanar, thanks for all the awesome times in the moors! Hope to cya around sometime. The only person who would ever be duo'ing with me in the moors, see a group of 15 creeps, and run into the 2v15 with me without even questioning it in Vent first. Take care!
Ahh and for the creeps! Rayzr(tm), always good to cya around! A very cool friend, I wish you the best of luck. Jas and Saen, gonna miss your OOC QQing! (mostly Saen with the qqing, and Jas with the lag). Veenom, thanks for being a great friend! Hope ya get r12 soon! Oh and Thunderboltz, probably the coolest creep out there, take care! And remember to keep the moors under control and send the out-of-line ones to hang at OC (Or send them to Gall in GTA-5, so they can be farmed.. I know Gall fails... But see when you're driving a car in GTA-5, even if you fail REALLY badly at it, you still run over stuff and farm it.. So there is hope for Gall yet! ..Also jk Gall, take care man! Always fun reading your OOC spam). Pat, well I would say bye to you but I know you're stalking me so I'll see ya around, just watch your back because I have my +stealth detect gear on so you cant camo gank me.

Also to the rest of you PvPers, it's just a game!! Dont sit at a rez camp spamming the #1 key on your keyboard for 5 hours, trust me it's not worth the time unless it's fun.

Well, sorry to anyone I didn't mention, I am soloing t2c Jet Lag right now, and I've already used my CD's and Pots. Until next time I wish you all well!!

Take care, and God bless!, I'll see you guys around on the forums!
Skyler Fox

The Road goes ever on and on
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can.
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way.
Where many paths and errands meet,
And whither then? I cannot say.