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    Two issues with housing

    Yesterday I spotted that some new housing neighbourhoods had opened up on my server, so I took the opportunity to consolidate the houses for all my accounts into a single neighbourhood. While doing so, I cam across a couple of anoying issues.

    1. When you abandon a house, you do not get any unused maintenance returned.

    Now that you can prepay 6 months maintenance at a time, this can add up to a significant amount - three and a half gold for a deluxe house and seven and a half gold for a kin house. I reckon this just cost me about thirty gold, which a little annoying.

    2. "You cannot purchase a house while you have items in escrow".

    Now this is seriously annoying. If you want to abandon a house and purchase another one, you need to find somewhere to store all the stuff that was in the old house so that you can buy a new one. Surely the whole point of escrow is that it is somewhere for your stuff to be while you swap houses. I can't think of any reason why this restriction should exist.

    A fully decorated deluxe house can put almost 115 items into excrow and a fully decorated kin house can put around 180 items into escrow. Finding temporary storage for that amount of stuff could be impossible for some players.
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