I am willing to give anyone multiple chances in a raid or groups. We were all greenies/noobs once and honestly I think more than a few of us still are, myself included. And we all make mistakes.

If someone accidentally resets the tyrant, no big deal, annoying &&&& happens. If you are unfortunate enough to get separated and become dinner for pissed off wargs or burgs no big deal. If we wipe no big deal. Shake it off and go around again, don't be hanging life on the wall.

But if I join or have some join a raid fellowship who talks trash about my kin or friends I will leave or boot you from the group. I don't care if someone screws up- but I won't group with someone who demands respect while giving none and persists on cutting other people down to build up their own self esteem.

A little ribbing is fine, venting frustation at a target on the other side is fine, wihtin reason,- but when the first thing I see is someone calling a friend or kinmate a d bag while you can raid without me.

Have a nice day.