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    Fire and Frost t2 CM Alternative Tactic ("the intended way")

    Hey Guys,
    all of u probably finished fire and frost (orthanc) the dps way -> burst dmg; first giant and so on..

    But the fight isnt intended this way.
    There is an additional mechanic which gets activated by 33% max morale (each giant)
    Then they are throwing stones against each others heads, which is removing one rage.

    So the way to go is, dps both giants same time + spawning enough adds to bring down rage to zero.

    After days of wiping, we finally made it

    Hard to find challenging and exciting raiding content these times... This fight is definitely one of them!


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    Nice one! Congrats for doing it the "intended way".

    Too bad this fight never worked as intended, as doing it with toons and gear 10 levels above the content is actually not intended either. At level 75 a raid just didn't have enough DPS to kill 2 bubbles simultaneously while also dealing with multiple grims. You also couldn't handle multiple grims constantly pulsing their AoE into the group.
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    Gratz. When 75 was level cap we tried the intended way for many days with different group make-ups, different positioning, etc but we either didn't have the dps (dps through simultaneous 150k bubbles) or we didn't have the survivability (spawning extra grims to counter us not dpsing giant bubble). On top of that, with miss chance it was difficult to consistently remove 10 corruptions every time.

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    Went in to do F&F T2C a week or 2 ago and as soon as the first grims spawned everyone froze up; tried it several times with everyone changing some settings and positioning but things didn't get any better. It would take me about 5 minutes to get my system back.

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    uncheck all the special effect options under UI settings. That works for some players but not all. I ended up going back to Directx10 and I stayed relatively smooth when grims spawned. Directx11 seems to have its issues with certain things. I found it's better to just avoid Directx11 altogether these days. If you're on Directx10 you can try dropping down to 9. Changing the Directx does require a client restart.

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    Interesting, so how many grims to you have to spawn per giant? What rage should they have when you get them below the 33% mark? How often does rage tier down?

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    We spawn at the beginning (first elemental phase) 3 grims per giant. Killing one per 30 sec (rage tiers up every 30s)
    While u slowly kill the 3 grims u burst down the giants as fast as possible to 33% (we bring them to 15% after 2min fight (rage 1))
    Second elemental phase 4 grims each giant.
    Then dmg race; kill as much grims as u need to bring rage to zero. (and watch time, every 30sec 1 rage!)
    When the giants have no rage, kill both.
    (Animation which sets rage -1 is nearly every minute (to many animations delay it))

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    Everyone knew about that giants would hit each other at 33% of the morale to keep rage from going up, but it was IMPOSSIBLE to do it "intended way" at lvl 75 cap.

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    When you killed a shadow grim under the lamp in the middle of the room it was suppose to spawn another grim of either fire, or ice under the light. Since this mechanic was broken, you had to spawn multiple grims as you did in the video, but the AoE damage from the grims was too much without bringing another tank, or more healers. By bringing the extra healer, or tank, you lost too much dps for this fight to be possible at level 75.

    P.S. this fight was completely impossible before they nerfed the grims from having 90k morale to 35k morale.

    P.S.S. saruman had a similar problem until they removed the polarity from the fight instead of just making it a frontal as intended.
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