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    Hunters are good?

    Grats to Kethean on r12. Keep knocking down that creep morale and give Bane and Skmuzy something to chew on besides me

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    Congrats to you Kethy Well deserved for a long time hunter, and a tasty one at that!

    Good luck on your path to r13, I'm sure I'll end up contributing somehow ;P


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    congrats my good man
    R8 RK, R8 champ, R7 burg, R8 warden. R13 warg, R10 spider, R9 reaver, R8 Warleader R6 BA

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    Lakeland, Florida


    Grats sir on the rank. You deserve it. Thanks for being so patient with all of us newbs in the moor's.

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    Lotro PVP Videos l Thorfinn || r14 champ, r12 burglar- Crickhollow || r11//r9 warg Crick//Elendilmir || + other stuff

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    Woah, promotions all around. Gratz on your rank Kethean; you definitely deserve it!
    "The strength of the pack is the wolf; the strength of the wolf is the pack"
    -Motto, U.S 3rd Light Armored Recon Battalion
    Leftenant Arkantor: Oblivion Awaits

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    Thanks for the Gratz folks.
    I would like to mention a few people that helped me along the way... and a few that didn't!
    But my list would probably include nearly every creep out there.

    Thanks everyone for making and keeping the game fun.

    Onward to R13 only 500,000 nown to go


    I threw half cooked marshmallows at the Wargs, but nothing seemed to stop them...



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