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    Question about legacies and crystals

    I just saw a player (Captain, level 85) equipped with a first age weapon that had Rank 12 legacies. He said he used 3 star lit crystals. I have First Agers with star lit crystals on my mini and hunter but they have never increased the rank of my weapons. What am I missing?

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    It's just a display issue.
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    To explain it with a few more words: If you look at your own LIs information you will see a different tooltip than if someone else inspects you. Stat legacy ranks are one bit that can look different, passive stats are another (you may have noticed some passive stats appearing twice on LI tooltips). The actual values are the same though.
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    Starlit crystals do not increase ranks.

    The only effect of starlit crystals is to increase the value, at a given rank, of certain types of legacies. Most legacies do not benefit. The three types of legacies that do benefit are as follows:

    1) The "free" legacy at the top. E.g., for a weapon you free legacy is dps. For a burg bag and a champ rune its incoming healing, etc. etc. At each rank of dps, whether rank 1 or rank 7, the dps will be slightly hire if you have one crsystal, slightly more higher with two crystals, etc.

    2) Stat legacy (which can only be acquired by using a stat scroll). Using a crystal might raise the stat, e.g., from like +54 to +56.

    3) Legacies which are expressed in terms of 000s rather than 00, 0 or. These are usually stuff like parry and resistance. So instead of getting like a +750 parry you might get a +759 parry.

    Note for the second two types listed above, i.e. stat legacies and legacies expressed in terms of hundreds, these are the exact same legacies which you generally don't want to raise above rank 1 (unless you have a few legacy points left over) because the rank 9 value doesn't give much more than the rank 1 value. So that's another way you can tell if the starlit crystal is going to benefit that legacy.

    To summarize, starlit crystals affect nothing except the "free" legacy, including dps, and the legacies that you want to keep at rank 1. They have no effect on any major or minor legacy that you would want at higher than rank 1, and have no effect on anything else except legacies including the free legacy.

    To summarize even further, they do nothing for you except give a slight tick in dps or healing. A tick that is barely noticeable and unnecessary unless you are doing T2 raids. Better to sell them on the AH.



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