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    Looking for Fellowship Leader/Mentor

    OK, let's get the funny stuff out of the way first: I've been playing LotRO for over 3 years, and have solo'ed the whole way. I know, right?

    And, it's gotten boring. Still addictive, but a bit of a chore. Therefore, it seems like time to begin learning how to do this group questing/combat thing.

    I'd like to connect with a small group of like-minded individuals, and one experienced fellowship leader. I'm not thinking "casual", but more like "semi-serious". Really intent on learning how to fellowship well, but maybe a 1-3 evening per week time commitment.

    Personal info: I'm EST time zone. Have voice comms. 3 level 85 characters - Warden (my favorite), Rune-keeper and Hunter, and a full set of crafting alts.

    Let me know if interested. Never tried to get something like this started before...

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    I'm really not what you're looking for but I think you need to add a detail, namely your server (unless you're willing to switch servers that is).

    Good hunting

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    It's Gladden

    Server is Gladden, the reason I'm on the Gladden thread...

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    One of the best things you can do is connect with a good kinship. We're graced with quite a few exceptional ones on Gladden, but of course the Rangers of the West is my favorite lol.

    Anyway, pick an active kinship and go from there. As far as the Rangers are concerned we have organized things going on a couple times a week, plus unorganized stuff at all random hours. If you're interested, go ahead and give Lilyrose a shout in-game and she'll get you fixed up.

    But anyway, welcome to grouping! It's definitely one of the more fun aspects of the game and certainly a challenge!
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    I was in the same shoes as well...solo'd up to cap (75 at the time) and wanted to experience more. As Arathaert said, your best bet is an active kin. Again, I'm a little biased like Arathaert but the Rangers are a good kin to learn with. Lily and Co took me in and have taught me a lot about the game and even let me tank once in awhile (more like shove into the middle ). All the mates are extremely helpful and I've always had a good time in raids/skirms/fellowships.

    Good luck in finding what ya need but I think you're on the right server to start.



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