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    Solo moors noob advice?

    I'll be completely honest and say that I have hardly ever set foot in the moors. I can probably count on my fingers how many times I've gone to the moors in my 5-year LOTRO career. Recently though, for whatever reason, I've had a desire to go creepside a bit.

    I dusted off my Warg that I made a few years ago. Rank 0, Audacity 1 She's got the fast stealth and the run away skill. I honestly don't know which skills I earned and which ones she came with.

    The problem is that I can't kill anything. Can't even come close, lol. I really don't want to just follow blindly in a raid. I definitely don't want to spend TP or real money to make my character better.

    Is there maybe a PvP soloers guide out there?

    I would also be willing to roll a spider if they're a better class to solo with. I don't want to be an orc though because they are ugly.
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    You'll not have much luck killing freeps with any monster until you've got a couple ranks on it, and some audacity.

    You can get to rank 4 or 5 pretty quickly and easily doing pve quests and joining the occasional raid. Even when you get some ranks though you'll find most of the freeps willing to venture out on their own for 1v1's are very high ranking. Still there are solo kills to be found. Often times you'll find a handful of wargs independently prowling a busy traffic area. They'll help. I'm still sometimes surprised when I pounce a freep and all of a sudden there are one or two other wargs taking bites out of my victim. Sneaky buggers.

    In my experience the warg is a better soloer than a spider.

    I agree Orcs are ugly. They smell bad too.

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    You might be able to find some useful background info here: http://dailystats.theblackappendage.com/content/warg

    This site is dedicated to warg and probably more up to date: http://theartofwarg.com/
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    The Warg is a great choice as a solo class they are challenging and rewarding if you so choose.

    I would spend time questing early on to earn some quick early ranks and BP's. You don't need to join a raid to earn your infamy just stalk the edges of conflict and when you see a target that looks ready to drop rush in and do some DPS and get outta there. Wargs are not built to take damage so Shadow stance it and don't spend too long in the hot zone as you will be very quickly picked out as an easy target. Try and earn some commendations and work on class traits and corruptions to increase stealth speed and health in particular.

    Good luck
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    hey guys

    warg solo is best ,bu there is something that need notice .at moors ,because pvmp need fair ,so freeps except burg class ,any other class dont have disapper or other key flee skill ..so i mean warg is very hard to kill any solo freep class at the same rank ,for if warg caant do it ,they can run and almost cant be killed .but freeps cant do it ,so for fair moors .warg solo is not that good ,but for low rank freeps its very good and easy to kill .even include some melee class such grd champion ,if in flayer .lol .that also prove wolfs cunning .hear about weaver can solo any freeps class ...when both at high rank ..so that what i say ..

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    Post My two coppers worth..

    If you really insist on prowling around 100% solo all the time, your in for a "long" time of PvEing, with no TPs spent I would say r6+ before you can even remotely begin to take on any but the worst of hunters and r0 anything. Of course youll find stuff to eat as you go, but they will be far in between and not nearly bringing in enough of those much needed comms you will need for skills, corrs and auda.

    So, basically, my advice would be PvE to r2/3 > get your skills > get your corruptions > work on your auda > swallow the pill and join the zerg untill you can afford r13 auda. Then go do your thing.

    Being a warg in the blob aint always that bad btw, work hard on those maps, be a scout and scoop up the odd straggling pie, its not so much different from solo really.

    Oh, and if your that fortunate that there actually is a wargpack sometimes on yer server, join it! Learn from yer elders. Old wargs that can be bothered to take new pups in under their wings usually have tons of tips and tricks to share.

    Have fun above all, learn to laugh at how ridiculous OP pies are and salvage the moments when you against all odds just ate someone 1v1...and then laugh some more. Good luck.

    And read the guides linked by a poster further above. Do NOT spend comms. on corruptions, racials or even skills without having a general idea of their usefullness for your particular class and in which order to get them. Especially if you insist on running 100% solo, your comms will be most precioussss!
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    Yes, soloing in Monster Play is difficult. When you first get tossed into the Ettenmoors there is not much to do except do quests and participate in giant raids until you hit rank 4-ish. I am a level 3 Orc Reaver called Gnashrakh. For soloing freeps, first pick one monster-controlled place in the moors and do every quest you possibly can. Then you will get 500 commendations for doing x number of quests. As you rank up, use your commendations on new moves. Upgrade the core characteristics, and join a tribe. This psychologically makes you look more threatening to freeps. In combat, a classic freep move is jumping around you while using moves. Go to combat options and enable skill target forwarding and enable movement assistance in combat. If a freep is moving, click on one of your melee moves and you will automatically follow the freep until you are close enough to make a move. While killing freeps can get you the most infamy and commendations, start with quests to boost your rank a bit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frieja View Post

    I would also be willing to roll a spider if they're a better class to solo with. I don't want to be an orc though because they are ugly.


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