OK, I am a caster at heart, but rolled up a Cappy for something new to try. First melee toon in over 30 years of MMOs and RPG playing. I can buff and RC with the best! Other than that you would be best better served to hire a real Cappy for your runs.

So, we ran a 6 man Foundry T2C the other night mostly because I was bored and wanted to try something different. Three Cappys were from 75 - 84 and three at 85. I traited LoM to act as the tank (see above note concerning my skills as a melee type). What a blast. The foundry took 3 tries as I was trying to figure out my role and the stuns were insane without an LM.

Can anyone remember a good thread with Cappy tanking processes or can to post your thoughts? Prior to the foundry run I was traited LoM and was ripping aggro off the tank when I used cutting Attack followed by Improved Grave wound. I would hold agro exactly 10 secs. Very impressive combo. If I can get a bit better, I would like to try tanking a few 85 level runs.