Well unfortunately this game has made it so easy to rank and be extremely bad at the same time that it is discouraging to me to even want to play anymore. No reason that turbine should have made it so easy to rank. When I first started playing lotro it took me over a year to get to rank seven. There are a few war leaders that have gotten rank ten and eleven in like four months. I am going non VI
P and prolly will not be playing more then a few minutes every now and then to say hello. It has been A pleasure playing this game with all of you and if you have hard feelings towards me just remember, it was just a game never anything personal. The lotro community is one of the most accepting groups I have every been part of. And I have made a lot of friends in my years playing Turbine please fix lotro and made it fun again.
Yours truly, President Ashhsa. Ragemonky extraordinaire.