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    A soon to be obsolete guide to Lore-master legacies, written in Update 11


    Change log
    Nov 22, 2013 -- Thread obsoleted by changes made in the launch of Helm's Deep
    Aug 13, 2013 -- Fixed link broken by forum revamp, some typos, and an error under Fire Damage Over Time

    So I started this as a response to this thread here, but it quickly grew beyond the scope of a reply. It's probably too wordy and rife with personal opinion, but I hope those new to Lore-mastering will at least find it a helpful place to start. At least until Helm's Deep launches. If you're reading this and Helm's Deep has already launched, stop. It's gibberish.

    There are two sections with two subsections each.

    Staff Legacies



    Book Legacies



    The section headers contain a brief overview of all legacies. The subsections go more in-depth about each specific legacy and include my own personal rating. Bare in mind that those ratings are purely my own opinion and are in relation to other legacies in their category. Some legacies with low ratings would be fantastic in a vacuum, but fall short when compared to their peers.

    A good general overview of legacies can be found on the wiki. This guide follows the order found on the wiki. Unless of course Helm's Deep has launched. If Helm's Deep has launched, it doesn't. Sometimes change stinks.

    Something to know about the wiki, however, is the ratings found on the website are different from those found in-game. Percentages and cooldown reductions are all correct as far as I can tell, but the ratings are not correct. Unless of course Helm's Deep has launched. If Helm's Deep has launched, they might be. Sometimes change is roses. The pretty, fragrant part, not the thorns. Though sometimes the thorny part, too. But not always.


    A very, very useful tool can be found here. It allows you to play around with spending points on your legendary items. It's a few years obsolete, but the functionality and legacies of LIs today are the same as they were when this tool was created. Unless of course today is after Helm's Deep has launched. In which case... yeah...
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