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    Quote Originally Posted by Mar-Evayave View Post
    Hahahaha! I'm so glad I didn't have something in my mouth when I read this!

    How's this for a challenge? I have taken 4 toons 100% of the way through Hytbold. Currently working on #5. The rebuild quests do NOT give ANY reputation AT ALL.

    Since you were confused... Let's be very clear here. ^_^

    Thank you in advance, I knew most of this already but you do explain it all in detail very well

    Q1) What are rebuild quests?
    A1) Rebuild quests are obtained WITHIN Hytbold. There are 2 NPCs in each District, plus two NPCs outside the Mead Hall. Rinwald gives the quest Aiding the Eastemnet (which has you complete 5 quests from the Mead Halls; see Q2). Edgal has some other quests that help rebuild Hytbold. There are 4 districts within Hytbold, 1 for each faction. From north to south, Sutcrofts District then Norcrofts District then Wold District then Entwash Vale District. 1 NPC at each location gives rebuild quests when you reach Ally with the appropriate faction/district. The 2nd NPC at each location gives rebuild quests when you reach kindred. Without using Mithril coins to reset Aiding the Eastemnet, it will take you 44 days to complete all the quests that these NPCs have to give you. And NONE of them give reputation.

    Q2) What gives me reputation then?
    A2) There are 3 NPCs outside each Mead Hall in Harwick (for the Wold), Cliving (for the Norcrofts), Eaworth (for the Entwash Vale) and Snowbourn (for the Sutcrofts). 12 NPCs total. 4 NPCs (1 at each location) will give a quest that is inside an instance and asks you to kill anywhere from 6 to 16 enemies while mounted (or unmounted if you dislike MC). 4 NPCs (1 at each location) will give you a quest that sends you around the landscape somewhere to do something (ie: in Sutcrofts you are asked to go fishing, in Entwash Vale you either climb a tower or go tight-rope-walking, etc). The last 4 NPCs (1 at each location) will give you 2 quests each. One of the two quests will have to kill mobs inside of an instance; the other quest will have you complete some task within the instance (ranges from mining ore, to collecting critters, to harvesting mushrooms). On every single day there will be 16 quests total offered from these 12 NPCs. Unless you use Mithril Coins to reset Aiding the Eastemnet, you can only do 5 of these 16 quests each day. ALL 16 OF THESE QUESTS GIVE REPUTATION. The quests change each day; there are actually more than 16 quests possible, but they change on a daily basis. You will get deeds as you go so that you can keep track of which ones you've completed and which ones you have not.

    I understand it isn't easy to admit when you are wrong, Wally, but people will respect you more and be more willing to help if you can admit when you are wrong and move on. Frisco had it 100% correct.

    No, Ullr is pretty much just saying the same stuff as others.

    Also, your reputation to START the Hytbold stuff does not matter. I always over-level content. My RK was still in the Wold/Norcrofts area when he started Hytbold. He was lvl 84. He hadn't even set foot inside Sutcrofts or the Entwash Vale. Therefore he had zero reputation with them, and only minimum reputation with Wold/Norcrofts. He was still able to start rebuilding. Rinwald and Edgal had enough with the Aiding the Eastemnet and some basic rebuilding quests to keep me busy. I started getting some rep through completing the quests offered from the 12 NPCs I mention above in Q2. Reputation would keep me from doing the rebuild quests located in the 4 Hytbold Districts, but that is all. Doing the quests at the Harwick, Cliving, Eaworth and Snowbourn Mead Halls can be done every day regardless of your existing reputation, though.

    Last comment:

    As this person mentions it is possible for Aiding the Eastemnet not to appear. The only reason I have ever heard of is when your timezone is situated so that you are doing these quests around the time of the server "reset". Turbine is located in Boston, MA, which is EST/EDT. Their resets occur at 3 AM EST/EDT. If you are questing around this time, you may end up completing the quest after the reset, which results in you having to wait until the reset the following night. Unless you are a night owl, this is only an issue if you live far enough away to be up and questing when it is 3 AM for Turbine's servers.
    Thank you very much
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    Quote Originally Posted by wally300 View Post
    Thank you very much
    I appreciate your response. You have explained the Hytbold series well.
    A few people have responded with good information and I thank you.

    Over all I have confused the Dailies with Rebuild, Dailies accrue rep and rebuild do not. Sorry, it has been a very long 7 days, main computer/server fried the main board, lack of sleep, intestinal bug and my mood ring is blue. Left me a little short on patience.

    There is a bug in the Hytbold series, 4 bug reports posted, as both my first two toons to do this series have had trouble getting started. With both I was able to get it going by increasing rep with different factions, several people have exclaimed there is no specific reputation level required but that is what I had to do to solve the problem so there it is.

    Again thank you to all who have responded.

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    Talking Rebuild Hytbold

    Quote Originally Posted by Tarlywyn View Post
    This appears to have been covered above, but here goes.
    You can do a set of rebuild quests each time you hit Ally and Kindred with a rep group - you don't need to have Ally with all 4 rep groups (I'm only Acquaintance with the Vale on my main, but have done the Ally and Kindred Wold rebuild quests, and Norcroft / Sutcroft Ally rebuild quests).
    Once you've done the available area rep quests, you need to do the daily Hytbold quests to gain further rep to get to Ally then Kindred - may take some weeks.
    As for Sutcrofts non Hytbold rep quests check http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Cate...tcrofts_Quests - most give rep.

    Edit - Check http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Cate...rcrofts_Quests for possible Norcroft quests - can get rep from most.

    Yes that is what I found also, each time my toon advanced to the next level another area in Hytbold would open up for the rebuild quests, unfortunately I found this out by chance. But my first to go through the rebuild series has all the gear and is now he is completing the rebuild, can't leave that town unfinished you know
    Happy Hunting


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