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    Smile congratulations on R12 the chieftain Dlink!

    To imagine the sound of total eclipse of the heart begins
    last night we celebrated your rank that was a perfect time.
    Dlink your beasthealer is so amazing! you are the excellent creeps of all the time.because of you ,we have experienced many splendid actions and many times we fell into difficult circumstances you just grine and bear and stood up,when we were defeated ,you just healed and killed .you have a high EQ
    ettenmoors attracts us so much and the brandywine server is so fantastic 。thanks all the creeps and freeps who grouped and fought with each other。lotro's pvmp is one and only .Don't stop don't need reason, don't need rhyme ain't nothing I would rather do. going down party time!!!lets fight against fiercely and bitterly !!
    and dlink keep fighting keep the ranks coming on!you will be the one of the best creep before long in BW!
    finally the best wishes to you dlink !the game life and the real life the same.

    first on rank12
    https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-noj56wQtKQM/UeYyGsEXo4I/AAAAAAAAAAw/Fdeedqhy1kk/w1364-h717-no/59%2524I%2540RUR2B4O0R%2528R8V K%2525%2529H7.jpg
    the wartab
    https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-XLhPI9n7kJ4/UeYyGiaK7BI/AAAAAAAAAAs/KHcJJgiEDGE/w1364-h717-no/957RBTU%2525UJ1W060N%257EBW1%2 540%25600.jpg
    dlink and gpower
    https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-3ws7i2s0I6k/UeYyyH52L0I/AAAAAAAAABo/tg6-2KYbFdU/w1364-h730-no/HYC9%2540%2525ASWCVX5%25257WAM U%2529TQM.jpg

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    Cool Gratz!!

    Gratz buddy
    your death is below 1000 :O there must be something wrong!!



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