I have recently arrived at Laurelin server and I am beginning to build a new mixed kinship with the concept of semi-clandestine brotherhood of able warriors who share a burning hatred for the Enemy.

In my vision this kinship will be a mature, helpful and family-friendly gathering of lotro-friends. All classes and guild crafters of all professions would be represented making it easy for the members to get the crafted gear they want. In time the kinship would be well established in wealth and have a full stocked kinhouse storage.
I’m looking to create a roleplay-story setting for the kinship with the help of lore-experts and kinsmen and –women interested in roleplay. Participation in roleplay will not be required however. Everyone can contribute to the kin as they like as the main focus will probably be in questing and character leveling. I wish to create a friendly and laid-back environment for group instances and skirms too. Close relations to other roleplay-kinships and shared stories with them would also be very interesting.

If you are interested in this very rough sketch and want to be part of building something new from the ground up, send me a message here in the forum or send tell or ingame mail to the kinleader Rogolwe or Corch. All classes and levels are welcome.

With greetings,

Rogolwe of Guruthos