I know that there's a thread that already talks about problems with the 4-piece Animal Friend Hytbold set bonus, but this is a little different though possibly related.

For a while now, it's seemed like the induction reduction bonuses from Tactically Adept and Harmony with Nature don't always apply. Not every time, but once in a while an induction will just feel slower. I've always wondered if I was just imagining things, but today I had Fast Loader traited and still had an induction when using Blinding Flash. It only happened once so it is possible I just imagined it, but I'm about 95% sure. I even had to check my traits again to make sure I had FL traited.

I did have the Hytbold set equipped, but I don't remember the co-ordination buff proccing around my use of BF. Is it possibly related though? Anyone else have an issue like this? Just wanted to query before I /bug.