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Thread: morogth

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    what was the morgorth first wife name or how meany wifes did he have

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    Well, Morgoth was first called Melkor, but I don't think you can really say he had wives per se. Some of the Ainur 'paired up', sure, but Melkor just wasn't the marryin' type.

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    There's this one wife called Númenor and the other one called Dunedáin. They didn't get along very well, though, so they thought for just about everything and that's how the Lands of the West were lost in this big divorce thing. Then this dude, called Isildur's Heir, showed up and took one of Morogth's daughters and put a ring on it. That would be Annatar, the lovely elf daughter, who got empowered by the ring. But that made all her other proponents, all of them elves, really angry, because they all had rings for her too, and they thought the rings'd work for her, but it's just that they didn't, because she got all empowered by the One. One of the elf-dudes got so pissed he actually gave his ring to a fellow called Olórin. But this guy got so upset by the ring-thing he even changed his named to Mithrandir or something and put all this effort in destroying Annatar's ring. As she got all bitchy, all the dudes in Middle-Earth tried to unpower her. So these two guys, Arnor and Gondor, got Annatar and hacked the Isildur''s Heir ring from her finger and that's how she got all dark and grim and become known as Sauron, which is actually a type of angry lizard, and that's how she actually felt after losing her finger and her ring. People seem to think Arnor and Gondor didn't like Annatar because of her ring, but thing is, what they didn't like was her children, which they called orcs, for being the big bullies that they were. "It's all a matter of raising your kids the right way, it is," Arnor used to say. "You have to raise them to stand tall, like dada used to say", and of course they were talking about Elendil, which always stood proud.

    Seriously, though, I have never heard of Morgoth/Melkor having wives. But I just Google it and found this link: http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Melkor



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