Since I first got my Warsteed (named Alsvidr), I've noticed that she has a serious problem. She must undoubtedly be in constant pain from the severe gas she has, as it seems constantly to be escaping from her rear end, so much that my cloak (not a lightweight garment) is constantly floating up in the air, even when standing still.

Interestingly, I've noticed that the problem goes away when we engage a foe, perhaps she's just clenching up.

I'm so concerned by this, that I've taken to leaning forward all the time, even when she's walking slowly, or standing still.

I wondered if the powers that be might look into the situation. I'm sure my valiant steed would appreciate it, and I know I would look far less silly without my cloak floating in the air all the time. Plus, I could actually sit upright again, as I've always done on my riding steeds.